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And we have a fight, like always. ” I got the picture, at least enough to get started. I gestured for Razvan to step closer, so we could conduct a 10-10-10 together about whether he should work with Mihaela on his new business venture. In ten minutes, a “yes” answer was enormously appealing, Razvan said eagerly. Mihaela would calm down and, at least for a while, throw her best energies into the project. A “no” answer would cause, in Razvan’s words, “World War Three,” as Mihaela’s family and his own—they were close friends—were sure to get involved and lobby him to change his mind.

Perhaps I had simply reached the point where change had to happen; no alternative remained. Or maybe that trip was the last factor in the equation of experiences that added up to some nascent form of judgment, or vision, or understanding. Maybe I simply received a gift. All I know for sure is that, as the sun rose over the sea, an idea came into my mind. It was a lifeline and my lifesaver from that moment forward. It was the beginning of a journey of discovery and reinvention that I took myself, and that we are about to take together.

At one point, I even put my head down on a table and shut my eyes. When I opened them again, I saw a client-wife looking down at me with a mordant grin. ” “Just smoke and mirrors,” I blithered. “Your husband must be very patient,” she responded archly. “Oh, he most certainly is,” I assured her. With that big piñata of a lie hanging between us, the client-wife wandered off. Eventually, I wandered off too, to my room, bedraggled. I sent the babysitter away and collapsed into a chair on the balcony.

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