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By Maire Owens

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This ebook considers the expansion of the Irish language in Belfast this present day. The reader is invited to take an in depth examine a different vivid speech neighborhood in Belfast. through the 1960's, its participants took a big step, after they made up our minds to create an atmosphere in which they can elevate their youngsters as Irish audio system. The luck of the initiative is such a lot truly evidenced by way of the regular diffusion of bilingualism all through surrounding neighbourhoods.

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Meisel (1983), however, argues that there are grounds for calling the learner's IL a process of 'elaborative simplification'. He instances six 'simplifying' processes (Meisel, 1983: 126) which are common to learners and says that these derive from strategies employed by the learner who forms limited hypotheses about the data to which he is exposed. A wide range of strategies has been suggested as being employed by the L2 learner (see for example Faerch & Kasper, 1983). Ellis (1985: 88) characterises their identification as being like 'stumbling blindfold < previous page page_28 next page > < previous page page_29 next page > Page 29 around a room to find a hidden object'.

At that point Eithne had achieved control of most of the elements of the Irish verbal system, or at least those elements which were to be of significance for her. The last few transcripts show a change in character as she begins to exert more control over the interaction and to manifest an almost target-like production in Irish. The material contained in the final recordings contributes only marginally to the systems under discussion. In addition, the pattern which had been established for earlier recording sessions, where the two of us looked at a book and first I, later Eithne, told some of the story, changed.

Rn but not R1. (Meisel, 1983: 121) < previous page page_26 next page > < previous page page_27 next page > Page 27 His aim is to build up a series of 'developmental sequences' as for example that for word-order rules given on page 135: 13 V ® END D ADV-VP É INVERSION É PARTICLE É ADVFRONTING An important factor in the face of the immense variability observed in the production of L2 learners is that such sequences take account of both use and failure to use items in particular contexts: This reveals that learners need not be able to apply a rule categorically and not even in all contexts required by the German standard before they acquire the next rule.

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