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What would you like? ” She had her shelf organized alphabetically? So it was that they had a nice meal of doughnuts. Before he knew it, he had a girlfriend, and she had his whole life organized, just about. It was great, for a few days, but then it got on his nerves. Agenda did everything by the number, or rather, by the alphabet. But Grey was a dis- organized kind of guy. He didn't like having his life run by the clock and book. It was also apparent that Agenda's arrangements were progressive.

Turned off? Could his computer have anything to do with this? “Pardon me,” he said, and hurried back to his room. He turned on the computer. It took a few seconds to warm up; then the screen lighted. RY, it concluded. He remembered: it had been in the process of telling him he'd be sorry. “Is this your mischief. ” he demanded. I TOLD YOU NOT TO TURN ME OFF. THE MISCHIEF IS YOURS. '' Ivy exclaimed at the door. ” Grey asked. ” she agreed. ” he asked. " “Com-Pewter is an evil conniving machine,” she said.

So he left the computer on, and went to her room. Ob- viously that wasn't beyond the machine's range, because its translation still worked, but maybe it couldn't actually eavesdrop on what they were saying. “Now I'm not sure where we are,” Ivy said. "If this is Mundania, we shouldn't be able to understand each other, and that happened for a while, but magic doesn't work in Mundania either, and it takes magic to make Mundane speech intelligible. So if there's magic—" “I have this funny program,” Grey said.

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