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By Giuseppe Montanaro; Bartolomeo Dichio

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Unsaturated fatty acids from lipid membranes are particularly susceptible to ROS oxidation, increasing membrane leakage. Lipid peroxidation occurs through a series of chain reactions that start when a ROS like the hydroxyl radical removes one hydrogen from a carbon from the fatty acid molecule (mainly at the unsaturation). An oxygen can then easily bond to that location forming a lipid peroxyl radical, that can continue and propagate the same kind of reactions (Gill & Tuteja, 2010). Proteins can also suffer oxidation by ROS, causing certain enzymes to lose its catalytic function.

6-8, 471-478. Gratão, P. , Lea, P. , & Azevedo, R. A. (2005). Making the life of heavy metal stressed plants a little easier. 32, 481-494. , Winnacker, E. , & Zenk, M. H. (1989). Phytochelatins, the Heavy-MetalBinding Peptides of Plants, Are Synthesized from Glutathione by a Specific Gamma- Characterization of Plant Antioxidative System in Response to Abiotic Stresses: A Focus on Heavy Metal Toxicity 41 Glutamylcysteine Dipeptidyl Transpeptidase (Phytochelatin Synthase). 18, 6838-6842. Hall, J.

Quartacci, M. , & Sgherri, C. (2002). Lipoic acid: a unique antioxidant in the detoxification of activated oxygen species. 6-8, 463-470. Nery, D. d. C. , da Silva, C. , Fernandes, P. , Pereira, M. , Panek, A. , & Eleutherio, E. C. A. (2008). The role of trehalose and its transporter in protection against reactive oxygen species. 12, 1408-1411. , & Foyer, C. H. (1998). Ascorbate and glutathione: Keeping active oxygen under control. 49, 249-279. , Ben Miled, D. , & Zarrouk, M. (2009). Antioxidant defense system in leaves of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) and rape (Brassica napus) under cadmium stress.

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