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Like the great religions, Taekwondo teaches you not to cause pain and suffering but to actively prevent them. It is up to you to learn to control a hot temper, for instance, and to develop a reserve that leaves you indifferent to the abuse of others, even though you know you can destroy them if you choose to. For practitioners of Taekwondo, victory through dishonor is despised. One must fight honorably or be dishonored. The ultimate good lies not in winning a hundred battles, but in overcoming a man or an army without a conflict.

In 2004, after more than three decades of service, Dr. Un Yong Kim stepped down from his post as the de facto leader of sport Taekwondo. Succeeded by Dr. Chungwon Choue as president of the World Taekwondo Federation, a man who had served as vice president of the organization for many years, and Woon Kyu Uhm as president of the Kukkiwon, the future participation of taekwondo as an Olympic event was suddenly 18 / Advancing in Tae Kwon Do B072x text layout part1 8/29/06 10:33 AM Page 19 thrown into doubt.

Ten seconds of “serene mindlessness” seems like an eternity. Yet with sincere and diligent effort, meditation that lasts for fifteen minutes at a stretch can become second nature. ” Its results are confidence, understanding, tranquility, serenity, self-knowledge, and the knowledge of others. There is a famous saying: If you know your opponent and know yourself, then in a hundred battles you will always win. If you do not know him, but know yourself, you will win half the time, and lose half the time.

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