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Ibid. 122. Lewin, "Bringing Up the Jewish Child," Resolving Social Conflicts, p. 183. 42 WALTER I. "'24 It is the office of the school to help the Jewishchild understandthat because "the Jewishquestionis a social problemratherthan an individualproblem of good behavior,"'25 all Jews share a common fate. "126The end product of the educational .... 128 Whateverthe play of externalcircumstance,however,it is the individual who, in the final analysis, determineshis relationshipto the group. "'29 The many factors which impinge upon the generationof individualneeds and theirfulfilmentmakeit difficult,of course,to isolatethe role of the school.

133. , p. 103. ," Ale verk, 1:155-58. JUSTIFICATION IN JEWISH EDUCATION 25 which was a guarantorof national unity. The functionof languagein the struggle of the Jews for survival was more than a matter of casuistic ideology. "We are," wrote Zhitlowsky,"a world wide people, spreadout among differentnations and tongues.... Such a dispersedpeople in this particularperiodof its historyespeciallyneeds . It is a position whichreflectedthe experienceof the EasternEuropeanimmigrantto whom it was addressed;it ignoredthose sectorsof the Jewishpeoplewhosehistoryhad taughtthemotherlanguages.

The principleof laboris the basis for preparingfor the life that is to come, for educatingto that commitment,productivityand activismwhich must serveas the foundationsof the new society . The school mustbe ... transformedinto a socialistinstitution for learning informed by clearly articulatededucational principles . The thrustof these schools is evidentin a descriptionof the work of the National-RadicalYiddish school foundedin Chicagoin 1912:"... Likethe Hebraistsand Zionists, Yiddishists developed a rationale for the maintenanceof their 73.

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