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This new, fourth, version of Allen's vintage Astrophysical amounts belongs on each astronomer's bookshelf. it's been completely revised and taken brand new via a staff of greater than 90 the world over popular astronomers and astrophysicists. whereas it follows the fundamental structure of the unique, this crucial reference has grown to greater than two times the dimensions of the sooner versions to house the nice strides made in astronomy and astrophysics. It contains distinct tables of the latest facts on: - common constants and devices - Atoms, molecules, and spectra - Observational astronomy in any respect wavelengths from radio to gamma-rays, and neutrinos - Planetary astronomy: Earth, planets and satellites, and sun method small our bodies - The solar, basic stars, and stars with targeted features - Stellar populations - Cataclysmic and symbiotic variables, supernovae - Theoretical stellar evolution - Circumstellar and interstellar fabric - famous person clusters, galaxies, quasars, and lively galactic nuclei - Clusters and teams of galaxies - Cosmology. in addition to a lot explanatory fabric and broad and updated bibliographies.

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E/X) q(oo. 64 The maximum ionization cross section for the classical case is Qmax = mraJx-2 atE = 2X· The value of Qmax is approximately the same in actual cases but the maximum occurs near E The rate of ionization by electrons (see [30-32]) is Ll = VQ1. 1 x 1O-8nTl/2xc11O-5040Xev/T cm3 s-l. 1 x 1O-8nTl/2Xe11O-5040xev/T cm3 s-l. = 4X. 2 Excitation Cross Section (permitted Transitions) An approximation for Qex, the excitation cross section of an atom (see [30,37]), is given. n 2: 1 (notation of Chap.

N. 1988, J. Phys. Chern. Ref. 6. Electron affinities [1-2]. 238 References \ 1. Astrophysical Quantities, 1, § 17; 2, § 17; 3, § 17 2. Handbook of Chemistry and Physics. 77th ed. ) , E where X is the ionization energy in rydbergs (Ry), E the electronic energy before collision in Ry, and n the number of optical electrons. 63 x 1O-14n (l/x;v)(x/E)F(Y, E/x), where Y is the charge on the ionized atom (or next ion stage) and XeV is the ionization energy in eY. 7. The Y = 1 and Y = 2 values are from experiment and Y = 00 from calculation.

Abramowitz, M. A. 1965, Handbook of Mathematical Functions, (Dover, New York), p. 2 4. L. N. 1998, 5. html 6. K. 1992, Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac (University Science Books, Mill Valley, CA) 7. J. 1998, MNRAS, 298, 387 8. L. 1998, AJ, 115,635 9. Standish M. 1995, Report of the IAU WGAS SubGroup on Numerical Standards, in Highlights ofAstronomy edited by Appenzeller (Kluwer Academic, Dordrecht) 10. , Bretagnon, P. E 1998, IAU Symposium 128 (Kluwer, Dordrecht) p. 419 II. Hirayama, Th.

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